• Soup Kitchens
  • Agricultural Land
  • Distribution of Donations
  • Institution Visits

We provide accommodation, food and clothing for the destitute in a Christ-centred environment where individuals participate in agricultural projects which cultivate food for the Mission Centre, Soup Kitchens and other destitute individuals.

The vision of Betlehem Mission Centre:

  • Provide accommodation for the destitute
  • Empower the Destitute through work programmes
  • Be Self-sustaining through agricultural projects
  • Provide food parcels for those in need through the projects
  • Provide strictly overnight shelter for chronic indigents, particularly with addictive tendencies
  • Establish local churches in key distribution areas
  • Provide medical service via an on-site weekly clinic visit
  • Provide assistance through rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol addictions

Please click on the above tabs to learn how we try to accomplish this vision. Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with Betlehem and what we offer the community.

May God bless you.