Betlehem Mission Centre currently runs on donations of food, money, clothes and whatever else comes our way. While these donations will always be welcome, we would like to see ourselves being more self sufficient and one of the ways this can be achieved is by creating employment.





One of our corporate sponsors collects contributions from their employees to fund the costs of growing vegetables every month, which are then harvested and supplied free of charge to the poor in the community. The beauty of this scheme is that it also creates employment and teaches valuable skills.

We have not yet found a good market to sell our produce from the agricultural land, so most of what is being produced is being donated to the soup kitchens and very little income is being generated to pay salaries and to cover costs.

We have just finished a new brick-walled shelter for the destitute street people – thanks to all those who donated materials and labour. The skills learned by the residents on this project will help them find jobs in the outside world. 

We received 2 containers of 12 X 3 Metres each in September from one of our very generous sponsors who will now put windows and doors in so that 4 more residents can be housed safe and sound. 

We have published the latest News regarding the Betlehem Mission which we think will help others to better understand life at Betlehem. 

September 2016 News Letter