Greetings to one and all.

In a month that we said goodbye to Johan Kemp we welcomed 5 new faces...Deon, Johan (the most popular name around here!), Andries, Quintin and Stephan. As always we hope your stay with us is enriching and uplifting.

A welcome donation early in the first week saw us receiving carrots, beans and mealies...always blessed.

The mobile clinic was here on Tuesday the 8th to attend to the medical requirements of us all.

On the same day we were visited by Afrikaans singer Piet Pompies and a friend who brought donations of vegetables and clothing...

On the 14th we had a work force of 19 on the land...the most we have ever seen! The spirit of these guys is fantastic and the workload has been shared between everyone...making the preparing and planting of the summer vegetable seeds and the out planting of the tomato and spinach plants an efficient and speedy process...thanks to all concerned!

The tunnels are now clean and sprouting their new vegetables...the old vegetables were donated to many worthy missions and lower income groups in Elandspoort and Pretoria West.

This afternoon we experienced a strange phenomenon...a mini whirlwind which caused a bit of damage to the pump house roof and to one of the larger Wendy’s...actually lifting it off its supports and moving it about one foot! Nature is not to be taken lightly.

Pre-work talk is mainly about the state of our sorry nation...

May God bless you, one and all in the coming season of Goodwill.