Betlehem Mission Centre is a project that was started purely out of love for God and His people.

It was started in the year 2000 and since then has grown each year by the grace of God.


Destitute individuals are accommodated primarily in Wendy Houses at the Mission Centre. These residents are required to work on the various agricultural projects hosted at the Mission Centre. Each individual is paid a nominal wage for their work from sponsored resources. The vegetables that are grown are utilized for both the Mission Centre as well as distribution to the needy. Distribution points include regular Soup Kitchens, street services and temporary tents placed in key locations of need. Betlehem residents are also involved in the distribution process.

We have several outreach initiatives where food and clothing are distributed to people. Our organisation is multicultural, meeting the needs of all people, and nobody is turned away from our Soup Kitchens and other outreach activities.   Most of the food and clothing that is donated goes into the former township areas where a number of our projects are focused.

With prayer and God’s guidance Betlehem will succeed and thousands will benefit from the work being done there, and come to know God.

Betlehem Mission Centre is operating totally by God’s grace through people donating food, clothing or money.