There is 2ha of agricultural land where various vegetable crops are grown. These vegetables are used to feed the residents and large quantities of the vegetables are donated through Soup Kitchens in the local community.
There are plans to set up a sewing and knitting room where ladies will be taught the skills needed to produce items that would be sold to generate income to pay salaries and cover costs. 

Soup Kitchens

We run soup kitchens in Danville, Elandspoort, and Daspoort.

These soup kitchens are held at homes within the poor communities, and destitute people are provided with food and clothing donations at these venues. 

Distribution of Donations

Every Thursday a street project takes place in Danville where an average of two hundred people are provided with food and clothing.

On Wednesdays food and clothing is donated to a church group in a coloured community in Eersterust. These donations are distributed amongst the needy in that area.

Institution visits

Every second Saturday we have an outreach visit to a mental institution where snacks, cool drinks and other treats are handed. This outreach has already brought a number of people to salvation, and through the grace of God some patients have been healed.