The primary ethos at Betlehem is faith-based and Christ-centred. The distribution points focus on both Spiritual nurturing as well as providing for physical needs through services and prayer ministry.   Betlehem Mission Centre has a chapel to cater for the Spiritual needs of the residents. Regular camps are also held for various sectors of the residents where ministry, building of individuals’ self-image, and healing takes place.  

Arnold Crause (the founder of Betlehem) runs various camps for children and adults. Most of the people attending these camps come from financially challenged areas in Pretoria. A lot of fun is had on these camps, and Bible study is carried out twice a day together with a 24 hour prayer vigil. A woodworking centre has been set up and is in production. All materials are donated by various organisations. Proceeds from items sold are used to finance other needs at Betlehem. The residents are empowered through these work projects, teaching them skills and creating a sense of self-worth.

Eleven spinach tunnels have been donated. The plants are fed through drip lines using hydroponics. The proceeds from the sale of the spinach are used to pay salaries to the residents as well as cover other costs.